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We’re making vegetables cool again. Broccoli, carrots, turnips and bhindi get sassy and stylish in Veggie Squad, which features beautiful earthy tones.

With our signature prints, now kids can eat their veggies and wear them, too

The prints! They are beautiful, of course, but they are also designed to spark ideas and tell new stories. About making good choices.

Wear this carrot printed shirt buttoned down or layer with a fun graphic tee. Oh, did you know that our buttons are plastic-free?

With every purchase you’ll receive a tiny potli with a seed ball.
These potlis are made from leftover fabric.

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Styles that will always be trendy

Our clothes are designed to last beyond current trends! From casual tees to dresses with fun, vegetable prints, our Veggie Squad collection has something for every kid

Comfortable clothes to live in

Your child might like to read books or maybe climb trees or splash around in puddles. She might enjoy cycling outdoors with dad. Or he might love baking with mom.
Our clothes allow your kids to just be themselves. They’re designed for kids to enjoy all activities (even if it means getting messy). They’re comfortable, durable and come in fun colours and prints. And our vegetable prints will ensure your kids learn about and love all their veggies ( broccoli included!).

Organic cotton t-shirts

Your kid can never have too many t-shirts. Especially if they’re made from organic cotton! Our range of organic tees are extremely soft against the skin. So much so, that you might have a though time getting your child to change out of them.